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Just a glance at the photo above should make one question current "laws" of physics. Is there any possibility Jupiter could be radiating electromagnetic oscillations we could collect and harness? Without access to unlimited funds, is there an affordable way to test this without consulting Fisher Investments? How about the rest of the celestial bodies around us? Have we really reached the peak of our civilization technologically speaking? The prudent observer, just from the above animation might question such a statement.

Based on the discoveries of Thomas Townsend Brown, John Hutchison has recreated some of this pupil of Tesla's works. Notably, the crystal battery.

In this section we endeavor to describe in layman’s terms concepts you may have seen in a science show, more likely science fiction shows of late. Zero Point Energy, Casmir Effect, Sub-Space. Stargate SG1 is in its 10th season, the longest running sci-fi show. The underlying story line if one follows from episode to episode is basically an explanation of our origin. The "ancients" were race of humans predating Egypt, all they way back to the time of Atlantis. This Ancient race, were masters of technology, utilizing ZPE devices to power entire continents, they were also masters of time travel, and sub-space wormholes. In this section we have a few concepts to explain and demonstrate that have been under development for many years now. John has been basing certain inventions on fundamental concepts from T Henry Moray, T. T. Brown, and Nikola Tesla. Having a very extensive understanding of these very important people in the field of electricity (pardon the pun), John has had a very clear and instinctive understanding of the Casmir Effect, and has found multiple applications never before explored or understood in the west. Western scientists have been under a different set of funding and social restrictions, markets are different, and the armchair skeptic is given more credibility than the non-main-stream scientists who fund their own hypothesis, and work solely for the science, not the politics of the conditional funding. Just as Tesla was not entirely credited with radio, T. Henry Moray was not entirely credited with the transistor. By entirely credited, I mean, history credits them, however, the patent office does not. T. Henry Moray created the transistor based on the vacuum tube of course, comprised of a diode material, and put together in a vacuum. Simply explained, a diode is an energy gate. It allows the energy to pass only one way in a circuit. Tubes and transistors make use of this action to meter out signal and rectify wireless radio transmissions into DC current. The crystal battery uses diode material sensitive to the Zero Point band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Now we will show a variety of different Zero Point Devices, and give the theory behind how and why they work. Certain devices cost over 15,000 dollars to build, but most are much more affordable. John imparts this information to his fans on this site free of charge in the hopes that the general consciousness will be raised so voters will expect more from the environmental ministries in their governments. He most certainly welcomes all feedback. In fact, some of what we will present here has been learned through feedback from people John has given devices to, also from people who have mixed their own batteries in a variety of ways.



Zero Point Devices and theory for beginners. The Waterstick

Crystal Energy Zero Point over-untity device.
Other Zero Point compounds and military applications.


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hutchison effect lightning bolt

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